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Howard Kottler

Set of 4:

Top left: Drip Dry, ceramics,10 ¼” in diameter, 1969

Top right: title unknown 

Bottom left: Exhausted Glory,10 ¼” in diameter, 1969 

Bottom right: Made in America, 10 ¼” in diameter, 1969 


Artist Statement

In the late 1960’s influential ceramist Howard Kottler (1930-1989) began to experiment with commercial decals and store-bought plates. Kottler altered the decals by cutting and combining them, then adhering them to cheap white porcelain plates he purchased in bulk. Kottler’s apparent rejection of the hand-made object and embrace of the conceptual over the tactile were unique among the revolutionary ceramists. 


Artwork/s at the following locations:
Galerie Camille
N’Namdi Center For Contemporary Art

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