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Ian Torres McLaughlin

peekaboo dog | 8.5″ x 8.5″ | English plate, acrylic, yarn | 2020

Artist Statement

In consideration of human suffering and joy, my work is a requiem and celebration of humanity. A dichotomy, that I refer to as Love-shit derived from the German slang term I once heard, “liebe scheiße.”
Recently I’ve started using imagery of dogs. They’ve become symbols of witnesses to our human failures and successes.
What effect did color have on the Sapiens, if any. Did yellow make the knees go weak? Did red compel them to reach for their partner, or hunt? Was it more than fight, flight or fuck? Was there love back then? Primitive love? There sure was shit. Did a rainbow perplex or awe?
I am awed by the diverse color use of humans and the vast display of color arrangements on birds. Much like Japanese Ikebana flower arrangement, I am searching for a visual harmony within my paintings. A balance. The harmony is a celebration element.

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Mighty Real/Queer Detroit is an art exhibition in June 2022 devoted to 77 years (1945-2022) of Detroit LGBTQ+ art 

The exhibition presents a month-long historical examination of the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community and its longtime allies, featuring established & emerging Detroit artists, as well as artists whose careers were shortened by HIV/AIDS.

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