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Mother Cyborg

Infinite Data | 36″ x 36″ | Quilt  (machine patched and quilted) | 2020

Artist Statement

Lately I have been examining the betrayal of the promise of technology in the Internet age, looking at the way in which art can draw new perspective of living at the whim of fickle invisible wifi connections, engaging “power cycling” (turning on and off) computers and phones to “fix” them. Modern experiences of technology run the gamut from resigned faith to proselytizing zealotry. In our weariness, we fail to notice that the “same” data, taken from all of us, has the power to reinscribe and mutate the prior century’s worst inequalities into a blueprint for the future.
My current work aims to ignite curiosity and inspire not only to examine our own relationships with technology — but to feel capable of changing that relationship.
I aim to create analog touchstones that allow for a conversation of technology that both informs and rekindles the awe we first felt when using a geolocating star map, or being able to video call a person across the world for free. I do this because until we believe that we can nurture, artfully shape and invoke the future of technology, we will likely remain passively controlled by the corporations that profit from our indifference all while building a surveillance state.
The infinite knot is a sacred symbol of love. This quilt looks at how surveillance is embedded in our culture and sold back to us through surface forms of expressing it such as likes, hearts, and emojis. How do you fight a system that commodifies love?

Artwork/s at the following locations:
N’Namdi Center For Contemporary Art

Artist Website + Social Media:
Instagram @mothercyborg

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